Man moved in with his girlfriend, and when he learned that she was the owner of the house he wanted half of the rent money she is receiving

On Reddit’s “AITA” subreddit, an 18-year-old woman told her story. The woman clarified that she rented the first floor of the two-story house her father had left her. The rent she was getting was $500 a month.

She clarified that because of the distance between her home and the city, she is renting the first floor at a low cost. Similar buildings nearby can be rented for between $600 and $700 a month.

After three months of dating, she had discussed moving in with her partner because he was having trouble paying his rent and didn’t want to return to his parents’ house.


She had said he could stay for as long as he wanted, provided he figured out a few issues. The pair cohabited for three months without her requesting rent. It was only the goods they were sharing.

Additionally, OP didn’t tell her partner that she was the homeowner since she believed there would be no issues. Her boyfriend overheard her renter and her wanting to talk to her about the damaged freezer one day.


After going downstairs to inspect the freezer, she offered to pay for a replacement if it couldn’t be mended.


Her boyfriend inquired about the freezer and its potential for repair, to which the OP replied that it is unfixable. Additionally, OP stated, “I told him no, but I would pay for it if [the tenant] bought a new one. I informed him that I am her landlord [sic] and he gave me a crazy face and questioned why in the world I would pay for her freezer.

Her partner became enraged after that chat and began to yell at her. He declared that she was a bad person for keeping the building’s ownership a secret from him. Her boyfriend continued to yell at her while she apologized, accusing her of being a greedy landlord.

According to OP’s article, “He insisted that I give him half of my rent earnings or else I was just as bad as he thought.” He then gave OP the quiet treatment for a period, ceasing to speak to her.

She later made the decision to leave their relationship because her partner continued to act strangely. While she speaks with her boyfriend, she invited her father to stop by.

“You should have no problem giving any of that money away if you don’t rent out for the purpose of taking people’s money,” her partner told her as she revealed.

Then, while believing that landlords are bad people, OP questioned her boyfriend about why he wanted half of the money. She proposed to donate half of the proceeds to a worthy cause. Then, her partner accused her of being conceited and that he was embarrassed by her.

As OP revealed, “My boyfriend just laughed and told us both he never wants to see us again and that he was out” when her father arrived.

She should change the locks, according to some Redditors, and be mindful of if her ex-boyfriend wants to talk to her.

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