My son stays quiet as his wife insults me — But he soon teaches her a lesson in front of guests

A lady by the name of Kate shared a story about how her son chose to remain silent rather than stand up for her after his wife made fun of her.

Specifically, Kate had a passion for cooking, but once her spouse passed away, circumstances changed and she lost touch with that aspect of herself. But every time a holiday approached, she would make her son John the tastiest foods, especially for Christmas when he would usually come for his roast dinner every year.

But this year was a little different since Liz, John’s wife, came to the family meal for the first time. Although the two dated for a while, she would always spend Christmas at her parents’ place over the course of a few years.

Knowing she would need time to make the main course—a chicken with gravy on the side—as well as all the side dishes and desserts her son would enjoy, Kate got up early.

Liz came into the kitchen as she was cooking, took out her phone, and began to look around. She gave off the impression that she smelt something foul at that precise time, but Kate, who was perspiring profusely, chose to ignore her and remained silent.

Sadly, Liz’s abrupt exclamation, “Hey, Kate, maybe we should order food,” made things worse. Not everybody enjoys your cooking. Nor do I know if everyone appreciates the food you provide. Everyone is meant to appreciate every element of Christmas. They ought to relish the cuisine as well!

Kate was taken aback by her daughter-in-law’s scathing remarks, as was to be anticipated.

“I noticed John eating a carrot while leaning against the archway. He looked beyond me and out the window on the other side of the room, completely avoiding my stare. I bit my lip and refrained from crying,” she stated in her essay.

It appeared that everyone was enjoying the meal Kate had prepared for the evening as most of the visitors came and took a seat at the table.

John questioned, “I assume the meal is excellent? Is everyone having fun with it?

John’s uncle questioned, “Why wouldn’t we enjoy my sister’s food?” as he treated himself to another plate of roasted potatoes.

“Because Liz mentioned that Mom’s dishes would ruin the dinner. John clarified that she wanted us to place an order.

“Irrelevant!” As he dipped his potatoes into the gravy, Kate’s brother spoke.

John heard this and grinned at his mother. Kate suddenly understood that her son had been waiting for the appropriate opportunity to chastise his wife for not reacting sooner.

Liz blushed as the whole family stared at her, and Kate said she felt sorry for her because it was her first Christmas spent with the family.

Later, Liz came over to Kate as she was emptying food plates and loading the dishwasher.

“I apologize, Kate,” she said. “I made a huge mistake in what I did. Excuse me, I hope you can understand.

“Know what?” Kate enquired.

I mentioned that simply because John enjoys your cuisine. He talks about how you make these amazing things only for him all the time. He always says that your mac and cheese is superior when I create a simple dish. I became alarmed as I smelled the wonderful aromas coming from this restaurant and glanced at the food.

In an attempt to defuse the situation, Kate laughed and added, “Liz, you should know that a boy and his mother’s food is a relationship in and of itself.” “I can impart to you my cooking skills. All I know was taught to me by my mother.

“Really?” Liz queried. “Even after my terrible behavior?”

Yes, Kate answered.

Fortunately, Kate saw that Liz wasn’t trying to be mean; rather, she was just feeling intimidated by her mother-in-law, but she quickly found out that this was unfounded.

After that, Kate led Liz up to the Christmas tree and gave her the gift she had picked out for her.

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