‘Thorn Birds’ Rachel Ward Looks ‘Stunning’ at 65 – She Found Love with a Co-star & Is a Doting Grandma

Following her performance in 1983’s “The Thorn Birds,” American actress Rachel Ward became well-known.

Fans don’t believe she has changed much since starring in the series, even though she is currently in her mid-60s.

Ward gained both fame and adoration from the series. On the set of the production, Ward and her spouse first connected, and their romance soon grew.

Bryan Brown and Rachel Ward on the set of "The Thorn Birds" in 1983 | Source: Getty Images

But according to the actress, it wasn’t love at first sight.

Bryan Brown and Rachel Ward on the set of "The Thorn Birds" in 1983 | Source: Getty Images

Bryan Brown portrayed the series’ protagonist, Ward, and she was married to him. Despite their “basic” initial attraction, their connection developed into a love one that led to the couple’s on-screen marriage becoming real.

After forty years of marriage, Brown and Ward are still as much in love as they were at first. A few months after “The Thorn Birds” filming concluded, they got married.

Bryan Brown and Rachel Ward on the set of "The Thorn Birds" in 1983 | Source: Getty Images

Although Ward acknowledges that the show has given her numerous possibilities for employment and other significant experiences, her ongoing marriage to Brown is what she is most grateful for and proud of.

Rachel Ward and Bryan Brown at their wedding at Ward's father's estate in 1983 | Source: Getty Images

On one occasion, Brown volunteered to read Ward’s palm while the couple was on set. He informed her that she would have three children when she consented. Afterwards, he made the following joke:

Yes, that is what I said. However, I did not declare them to be mine.

Brown gave a slightly unusual explanation for why she wanted to wed Ward. When they argued, it was because the two had gone to Ireland together for Brown to film “Give My Regards to Wall Street.”

Bryan Brown and Rachel Ward at the 1984 Golden Globe Awards | Source: Getty Images

According to Brown, the fight was quite serious, and he reasoned that since they would be at odds so much, it would be best for them to get married. Before relocating to Sydney, Australia, they were married in Ward’s boyhood home.

On April 16, 2023, the pair commemorated their 40th wedding anniversary and revealed the keys to their lengthy and contented union. At 65, Ward has also flaunted her timeless beauty.

What Kind of Family Does Ward Have and How Does She See 65?

Ward posted a picture of herself with Daryl Hannah and Hilary Shapiro on February 18, 2023, at the film’s Santa Barbara Film Festival debut. The movie is called Rachel’s Farm.

Rachel Ward and Bryan Brown at the "Staying Alive" premiere in 1983 | Source: Getty Images

While some fans were thrilled to see Ward in a movie, others were astounded by how amazing she still looked at 65. She was dubbed a “goddess” by one and named “fantastic” by another.

Some admirers remarked that she would always be in their thoughts Meggie from “The Thorn Birds,” and one fan gushed:

“Rachel, you’re so beautiful!”

A comment left under a post by Rachel Ward on Instagram | Source: Instagram.com/rachelwardofficial
A comment left under a post by Rachel Ward on Instagram | Source: Instagram.com/rachelwardofficial
A comment left under a post by Rachel Ward on Instagram | Source: Instagram.com/rachelwardofficial

An Instagram remark made on one of Rachel Ward’s posts | Source: Instagram.com/rachelwardofficial

When Ward wasn’t producing films or enhancing her reputation in Hollywood, she and her husband started a family. The couple has a son named Joe and two daughters, Rosie and Matilda.

The three kids all adopted an acting career similar to that of their parents. The 31-year-old Joe is well-known for his parts in the movies “Let’s Talk About” and “Rake,” but he hasn’t acted in any other films as of yet.

Matilda, 36, broadened her horizons to include directing in addition to acting. In addition to working with her brother on “Let’s Talk About,” she is also credited with “How God Works” and “Lessons from the Grave.” Rosie, the 39-year-old daughter of Ward, has appeared in the television series Luther, Black Mirror, and See How They Run.

The couple, Ward and Brown, are immensely pleased of all of their kids, and in 2019 their daughter Matilda gave them their first grandchild. Zan, the young child, was born in the room with his grandfather present. When asked why he decided to remain and witness the birth, Brown responded as follows:

“I didn’t leave the delivery room because no one told me to,”

When Zan was born, only Ward was supposed to be in the room, so his grandparents were taken aback by his birth. When the couple got urgent messages from Matilda, they were dining with Australia’s Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese. The couple hurried to the hospital after realizing she was in labor.

As they got there, Brown positioned himself behind his daughter and gave her a reassuring pat on the head. He thought he should be present for his grandson’s birth since he had witnessed the births of all of his children.

The couple now has more grandchildren, and they cherish any opportunity to spend time with them. When Brown is forced to spend time apart from his family, like he was when filming a movie during COVID, he experiences intense longing.

Rachel Ward and her son Joe Brown at Dein Perry's Tap Dogs "The Dogs Are Back" opening night in Sydney, Australia. April 27, 2005 | Source: Getty Images

Brown and Ward, however, cherish every moment they spend with their family and are grateful that everyone is well. Fans frequently wonder how they have managed to stay so happy and in love for so long, given the beauty of their family. Every time, the couple responds to the question with ease.

What is the Key to the Marriage of Ward and Brown?

With their children all established in life and their jobs having slowed down, Brown and Ward now have less obligations and more time to spend together.

Bryan Brown and Rachel Ward at the 2019 Sydney Film Festival Program Launch | Source: Getty Images

Riding horses allows Ward and Brown to completely enjoy their newfound independence. Since Ward had grown up riding horses, and Brown had started riding when he filmed “The Thorn Birds,” the two developed a mutual passion for horses.

Brown and Ward have planned horseback riding excursions closer to home in New Zealand, in addition to having rode horses in Bulgaria, Canada, and Israel.

The duo likes to curl up in front of the TV and watch their favorite British series when they’re not traveling the world on horseback. But there are other things besides watching TV and riding horses that keep their marriage intact.

Bryan Brown, Matilda Brown, and Rachel Ward at the YMCA New South Wales' fundraiser in October 2010 | Source: Getty Images

Brown jokingly discussed what he believed to have contributed to the couple’s long marriage:

The most important thing is to always say “yes” to your wife, and to take responsibility for whatever mistakes you make. Men would be happier if they knew that.

Bryan Brown and Rachel Ward attend the 2018 AACTA in Sydney, Australia | Source: Getty Images

On Ward’s Instagram feed, the couple frequently appears content and deeply in love, suggesting that Brown’s concept is working. In 2019, Ward posted a picture of her husband sitting in a cozy chair amid greenery, pointing at her.

Bryan Brown and Rachel Ward at the "At the Movies" farewell party in December 2014 in Sydney, Australia | Source: Getty Images

She made a jest, saying she was happy he was fully dressed because she was filming her husband’s centerfold for Women’s Weekly Center. Additionally, she has uploaded a ton of pictures of her and her spouse from important occasions.

On social media, Ward likes to flaunt Brown. He once shared a picture of Brown with an open shirt, untidy hair, and a necklace made of semi-precious stones. “I have my complaints, but I wouldn’t change a thing,” she joked. What a stunning pair!

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