When my husband and I finally bought our own apartment after years of saving, my mother-in-law came over and said something to us that we couldn’t believe with our own ears.

According to my mother-in-law, we owe her something. Her family’s involvement still baffles me; my parents have always supported us. I got married to John almost five years ago. At the time, my mother-in-law was residing with my elder brother James, his spouse, and their two kids. As it happened, neither John nor I had a place in their home. However, we had no intention of staying, and we both thought that getting our own place should come before thinking about starting a family.

After four years of arduous effort, we finally saved up enough cash for an apartment. My parents never stopped supporting and encouraging us. They did everything they could to help. We were able to accumulate enough money in four years for the down payment in this way. That’s when my father startled us. My granny found it impossible to live alone, so they took her in. We didn’t need a mortgage because they sold her condo and gave us the money instead.

Together with our savings, we were able to buy a two-bedroom condo with that money. After six months, everything went perfectly, and we were celebrating our new house in our own space. That’s when we learned my mother-in-law’s secret goal that evening. She seemed to be expecting us to help her buy a house. “Now that you’ve purchased an apartment and received assistance previously, it’s your turn,” she informed me.


He remarked, “I don’t see why we should be involved in this.” My wife’s parents are the only people we owe after all of our hard work to accomplish our goals. He went on to say that if his brother had not changed his life in all these years, it was his fault. He’s free to do as he pleases as long as he stays away from us.

My mother-in-law made an effort to appear sympathetic by bringing up Sasha’s kids and lack of housing. Still, he remained resolute. After a while, my mother-in-law left our house. After giving the issue some thought, my husband decided it was no longer a concern. After all, he just found out that he will soon have a child.

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