A man discovers a 50-year-old wallet inside an abandoned locker, and the photographs inside leave him speechless.

While some people turn treasure seeking into their full-time employment, others just like it as a hobby. wealth hunters never know what they’ll uncover when they rummage through people’s houses, garages, and basements in search of hidden wealth or place bids on storage units holding unclaimed items. They occasionally uncover nothing, but other times they make important discoveries.Long ago, Anton Lulgjuraj started gathering abandoned storage facilities in the state of New York.

When a man finds a 50-year-old wallet inside a forgotten locker, the pictures within break his heart.

He’s never discovered anything that has changed his life, but he once discovered a wallet that made for an interesting news article.Anton ended up acquiring a number of Air Force pilot’s belongings when he bought a storage unit. But Anton’s gaze was drawn to a little locker. When he opened it, he found a warn-out wallet inside.


The pocketbook belonged to Diane Hall. Inside, Anton found an actor’s equity card, an old California driver’s license from the late 1960s, and some interesting antique pictures. He was curious to find out more, perhaps even who owned the wallet.He found out that Diane Hall was actually actress Diane Keaton as he explored the Internet more.


He messaged her because he felt she would like to have her old wallet back, but he never heard back—at least not until the media took up his story. “It’s a common belief that someone will eventually retrieve their wallet if they misplace it,” Anton remarked. “And you know, this is really fantastic.


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