Family discovers an unexpected animal napping on their porch: a seal pup

It is impossible to predict the kind of animal that may be right outside your door. A very unexpected critter that strayed far from home and decided to take a snooze on their porch recently gave one family quite the surprise.

The Department of Conservation in New Zealand shared a photo of a seal pup that a Wellington family found last week outside their house, curled up for a nice nap on their porch.

According to the Department of Conservation, “it had been on a bit of a mission, climbing up the seawall stairs, crossing a road, hiking up a footpath, a driveway, and finally another set of stairs, before reaching its nap spot.”

“You don’t come home to find a seal curled up on your front porch every day.”

The animal is a kekeno, or fur seal, native to New Zealand. They are more closely related to sea lions than to seals, despite their name.


Around this time of year, it’s not unusual to see newborn seals appearing in this manner: New Zealanders refer to May through September as “seal silly season,” when adult male seals and their young pups depart their colonies.

During this time, these seals tend to travel far and wide, and residents frequently discover seals in their homes, on public roads, and even in public areas.


However, the Department of Conservation emphasizes that this is typical and that the seals should continue their lives with little assistance. In a Facebook post, they stated, “They might look skinny or sick, with weepy eyes and a cough, but this is normal – seals are very resilient animals.” “Rest, not rescue, is what seals need.”

On the other hand, they advised calling the department in the event that a seal was hurt or in danger on your property. An cop came and moved this drowsy porch seal to a more secure area away from dogs and vehicles.

What a cute tiny seal! Imagine the surprise if you discovered that right outside your front door!

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