Little boy with natural blue eyes, white hairs and lightning mark down his face goes viral

Due to the boy’s remarkable features, the video has attracted attention from all around the world. Because of his stunning features, he is referred to as a “angel” by others.

Due to his remarkable characteristics, a small African black boy has caused a stir on the internet. Nobody knows the boy’s name or any other details, but they are all in awe of his features.

People are spellbound by the child’s attractiveness, despite the fact that neither his age nor name are known. The young African American youngster has naturally bright blue eyes that pierce through anybody he looks at.

In addition, he has a white hair patch in the front of his head that appears to extend to his face, a lightning-like scar that gives him an otherworldly appearance, or as some commenters have described it, “an angel.”


The child may be seen looking around and staring into the camera in the first video of himself. The infant can be seen eating off a spoon in the second video, looking directly into the camera.

According to his description, Raoul Tsasa, the individual who uploaded this video, is from the Netherlands.

Because of his peculiar yet alluring appearance, people were persuaded that the youngster had a promising future. Duc Nambouri, a user, commented, “He looks so unique.” His acting career shouldn’t be a struggle. Among the crowd, he already sticks out.


Michael Brown-Herrer, another TikTok user, said, “He is a masterpiece of beauty.”

Most people agreed that the infant was gorgeous. On the other hand, some people had strange theories about how he got there.

Lunar Moon, one user, commented, “He’s so beautiful.” I can’t stop believing lightning kissed him.

“I think he has Waardenburg Syndrome,” was written by a suspicious user, Jamie La Chaky.

According to medical sources, Waardenburg syndrome is a collection of hereditary diseases that cause individuals to have changes in their skin, hair, and eyes’ pigmentation. A certain degree of hearing loss may also result from it.

All agreed, however, that the youngster was definitely gorgeous.

You are truly stopped in your tracks by the piercing beauty of this child. What are your thoughts on this look?

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