Mother welcomed her first child at the age of 66: This is their life today

You will remember the day you become a parent for the rest of your life. All of a sudden, a special little person has entered the world and is reliant on you. It’s your responsibility to set up the ideal circumstances and support them in realizing their goals.

Adriana Iliescu made international news in 2005 when she became a mother for the first time. The cause? It was her 66th birthday.

Adriana was ecstatic to welcome her daughter Eliza into the world.

17 years later, the aging mother is back in the news as fresh images of her daughter are gaining a lot of interest.

A person’s life can truly alter in a matter of days. It’s perhaps universally acknowledged among parents that there are no words to describe the feeling you get when your child is born.

It’s the most wonderful sensation in the world when you see that priceless youngster glance up at you for the first time.


Some kids are predestined to be historical figures from birth.

That is exactly what Eliza Iliescu experienced at her Romanian birth in 2005. It was her mother who made the girl famous.


At the age of 66, Adriana Iliescu won the title of oldest mother in history. Adriana’s birth tale made headlines and, understandably, the birth of Eliza won her a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Adriana talked candidly about parenting and her emotions in 2010 because she had experienced a lot of backlash after having children. Many said she was too old and self-centered.

“I feel like a young woman, but the mirror is cruel to women when it comes to energy.” When I’m a little more exhausted, I feel like I’m 37, but otherwise, I feel like I’m 27. She told Daily Mail, “I am healthier than women who are more than half my age.

“People find it humorous to refer to me as ‘grandma,’ but Eliza wasn’t there to make me appear younger. I never sense my age.

Adriana, who was 71 years old at the time, disclosed that she intended to have another child in her interview with the British newspaper.

Medically, that is conceivable, she stated. It could be done, since I understand studies with a 70-year-old woman are ongoing in England. I’m good and healthy, and while I don’t currently have any plans to have any more children, I believe it is feasible in the future.

Adriana and Eliza have a close relationship that has grown with time, as do most mothers and daughters. Eliza is a bubbly, humorous, and incredibly content young girl.

Despite the opinions of many regarding Adriana’s age, the aging mother maintains that she is a good mom and goes above and above for Eliza.

“I don’t use alcohol or smoke. When I die, Eliza will be twenty years old, if I survive to be as old as my parents did. Adriana remarks, “I think I still have a lot to give her.”

Adriana had no desire to have a child at such a late age. Adriana Iliescu had to abort her kid when she was a young bride for medical reasons. Her husband left her when she was 24.

Adriana then turned her attention to other aspects of her life including her work as a professor at a Romanian university.

She went on, “I couldn’t even think about a child, as I was working.”

However, after completing my doctorate, I was prepared to start a family at the age of 37. However, IVF was not available back then.

When in-vitro fertilization became available in Romania, Adriana was fifty-seven years old. Adriana underwent therapy, but her 2000 pregnancy ended in miscarriage.

When word spread that she wanted to become a mother, people avoided her. Although they believed Adriana was acting immorally, she never gave up and her determination to become a mother was unwavering.

Eliza was born as a result of her therapy with Dr. Bogdan Marinescu in Bucharest. Eliza was the lone survivor of Adriana’s triplet pregnancy; two of the other two passed away in the womb. She unfortunately spent a lot of time in the NICU due to her preterm birth.

But before long, she had developed into a resilient young child, and her fervently devout mother Adriana desired to baptize her daughter. Regretfully, Adriana’s decision to become a mother at such a late age was opposed by a number of religious organizations. The nuns gave Adriana strange looks when Eliza was christened; one of them even referred to Adriana as “the product of dark force.”

Adriana asserts that Eliza is a divine gift.

Adriana Iliescu as of right now
It has been 17 years since Adriana gave birth to her first child in 2022. Even though Adriana is frequently thought of as Eliza’s grandmother, they are now enjoying a terrific time together.

Still, the seasoned mother feels fantastic both physically and mentally. She is a loving person, which is very important while parenting a child.

Adriana is still writing at the age of 83. She claims to be healthy and has written over 25 children’s books. Despite appearing to be a great-grandma, she continues to work as a part-time lecturer in Bucharest.

Adriana has additionally ensured that Eliza’s future is well-managed.

Adriana struck a deal with the doctor when she decided to use IVF. In the event that Adriana dies, he will serve as the girl’s godfather and legal guardian.

Adriana prefers to keep her family life private for the time being, but we do know that Eliza, 17, wants to go to college and pursue her education. Eliza is an award-winning student who continues her mother’s academic legacy, according to Brightside.

She appears to be performing better than a lot of others in their 25s and 30s. She has NO distractions and is WHOLELY devoted to her child. Her daughter appears to be a lovely spirit who is well-rounded, joyful, and pleased.

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