Shannen Doherty was ‘frightened’ of her brain tumor surgery.

Renowned for her parts in “Charmed” and “Beverly Hills, 90210,” Shannen Doherty is blogging about her battle with cancer. She talked candidly about her anxieties and the intense feelings she had in the run-up to her brain tumor surgery in January in a recent social media video.

Her caption for the video said, “I’m terrified, but I’m clearly trying to be brave.” “I was overcome with fear.” I was anxious about leaving my mother and how it would effect her, and I was scared of the worst-case situation. I was worried that after surgery, I wouldn’t be the same person. This is but one example of how cancer can manifest itself.

Shannen Doherty undergoing cancer treatment

Shannen Doherty disclosed in a different video that was uploaded earlier this year that on January 5th, her CT scan confirmed the existence of secondary cancer in her brain. In the video, she was fitted for the mask she would wear while receiving radiation therapy to her brain. “I’m obviously afraid. My life was chaotic, and I become really claustrophobic,” she said. “I am lucky to have amazing medical professionals like Dr. Amin Mirhadi and the amazing Cedar Sinai staff. However, in the midst of all of this anxiety, disarray, and confusion, cancer can actually show its effects.

Shannen Doherty’s fight with cancer began in 2015 when she received a breast cancer diagnosis. Later on, though, it went into remission. Regretfully, she disclosed in 2020 that the cancer had come back and advanced to stage 4. Her candor about her experience keeps bringing attention to the difficulties faced by cancer sufferers and the value of understanding and support during such trying times.

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