They saw him digging enormous trenches and loading soil sacks in the backyard.

In the summer of 2020, Alex Dodman of Essex, UK, started a bold project of constructing a swimming pool in his backyard.

He had just moved into a new property with his partner, Sarah, that needed skill and care.

Alex saved thousands of dollars by doing the work himself rather than paying contractors because he found most of the items on Facebook.

Everything was within Alex’s control, including the excavation of the site, renting a digger, and moving supplies.


He completed the plumbing and tiling as well, bringing the renovation’s overall cost down to about $10,000, a significant savings over what it would have been had he taken the conventional path.


Alex’s goal of giving his family access to their own haven was achieved through perseverance and hard work.

To date, Alex’s most ambitious endeavor is his most recent endeavor. Alex moved in with his fiancée, Sarah, a human resources manager, and their two kids, Allie and Eddie, and set out to completely remodel the family home.

Having built his own home theater and gym, he saved 75,000 pounds, demonstrating his ability to undertake tasks around the house.

Currently, he’s accomplishing something even more remarkable: giving his family a place to live.

Alex had dreams of building his own swimming pool, so when he saw a part of his garden in need of repair, he made the decision to take up building as a hobby.

To make sure the project was finished correctly, he took it upon himself to conduct a research and gather information about the entire procedure.


He conducted extensive research on the best equipment and techniques to ensure that his ambitious plan to create a pool in his backyard could actually be accomplished.

Alex was sure that building a swimming pool in his backyard would not be too difficult, as he had always dreamed of having one.


He saw an online video instruction during his lunch break that inspired him to move quickly toward his goal; in fact, before the end of the day, he was already making plans to hire a small digger.

Upon obtaining the necessary equipment, Alex quickly discovered that the pool’s construction required more skill than he had anticipated.

To solve the unexpected challenges, he had to invest time, effort, and money in addition to using sophisticated problem-solving techniques.

Nevertheless, Alex’s patience and perseverance paid off, as he now has a welcoming haven in his garden.

Alex decided to take on the job himself after seeing a YouTube video of a woman in Holland installing a pool. Even after Covid created an inevitable delay, he was determined to move forward.

After gathering the required supplies and carrying them home on his own, he leveled the land in order to get ready for the building process.

With great dedication and hard work, Alex achieved his major goal, saying that he “completed every last step of it by himself.”

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