Tonsil Stones: Small But Fascinating

Have you ever searched the internet for videos of someone popping pimples, draining cysts, or even removing tonsils? It’s amazing how these things can hold our interest! Let me inform you if you’re not familiar with tonsil stones; they’re actually pretty fascinating!


What Do Tonsil Stones Mean?

Hard white or yellow growths on the tonsils are called tonsil stones. These are the tissue flaps at the back of your throat that fight infections. When debris and materials, including food particles, calcium, germs, and fungi, become lodged in the tonsillar crypts—tiny spaces within the tonsils—tonsil stones are the result.

Signs and Easy Fixes

Though more prevalent than you would imagine, tonsil stones don’t always result in symptoms. When they do, though, they may cause unpleasant side effects like sore throats, coughing, earaches, and poor breath. The good news is that getting rid of them is simple!


You can try a few other approaches. The stones may be easier to remove if you gargle with salt water. Alternatively, you can carefully remove them using a cotton swab or other soft tool. An intense cough can even work sometimes!

Would You Like to See?

It can be really gruesome, so beware if you’re feeling bold and want to see what a tonsil stone looks like. But have a look at the video below if you’re game. This video, which has millions of views, shows someone really extracting a tonsil stone!

Tell About Your Experience

Have you already had a tonsil stone? Tell us in the comments if that’s the case. Tell us about your experience, please! If you enjoyed reading this article, you may find more fascinating reading by clicking on the links below.

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