“Exclusive Peek”: Melanie Griffith Reveals Tippi Hedren’s 94th Birthday Celebrations in Heartwarming Photos!

Tippi Hedren is 94 years old and still knows how to have a good time! Melanie Griffith, the actress’s daughter, shared pictures from the celebrations on Instagram. The retired actress just celebrated her birthday.

Griffith posted two pictures of her mother: one with bright pink lipstick, and the other with colorful party glasses that said “CAKE TIME!” and a fork full of cake.

Griffith posted on Instagram, saying, “Mom, also known as MorMor, turned 94 today!!” Never fails to be party ready! 🎉 💫✨💃🏼 “Happy birthday, Tippi ♥️ Mama.”

Before turning 94, Tippi Hedren talked with PEOPLE about her plans to celebrate with her family. As a mother and grandmother, she pointed out that, even though it might not be exciting for everyone else, it’s the perfect way to celebrate.

The relationship between a mother and her daughter has endured over time. When Melanie Griffith won the 2016 Everlasting Beauty Award, she gave it to Tippi, her mother.

At a celebration of Tippi Hedren’s memoir, “Tippi,” in November 2016, Melanie, Tippi, and Dakota Johnson, Melanie’s daughter, spoke. Melanie talked about the three generations—Tipi, who was born in 1930, herself in the 1950s, and Dakota in the 1980s—and expressed her admiration for how beautifully life changes with time.


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