My Daughter’s Movie Request

Recently, I received a call from my daughter, and our chat turned humorous. “You know that Gladiator movie that I got you?” she said to begin. Curious, I answered, “Yes.”

Then she gave the shocking statement, “Wind it forward one hour, sixteen minutes, and twenty-eight seconds.” In a hurry, I did as she said and inquired, “Right, I’ve done that.”

She said, “Alright, you see the gladiator at the front fighting the lion!” with excitement in her voice. “I can see that, yeah,” I said with a laugh.

She wasn’t finished, though. “There are two gladiators engaged in a sword fight right behind him,” she said. I said, “Okay, I see them,” looking surprised.

The punchline was then delivered by her. “Well, behind those two, there’s a woman gladiator holding a spear on the left-hand side of the screen,” she remarked. Her attention to detail intrigued me, so I laughed and replied, “Yes!” I see her.

Subsequently, she revealed her shocking request regarding her impending birthday. Right, she exclaimed. I want those sandals for my bday.

Introducing Joy into My Life

Laughter is a constant in my life, thanks to my kid. These kinds of times are what make being a parent so enjoyable.

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