65-year-old man buys ‘falling down’ house and does incredible job renovating it back to new

Nothing is more satisfying in the field of do-it-yourself projects than creating your own home.

A German family responds to the question, “How do you spend family time together?” in a different way.

It all began in 2011 during a visit to an ancient farmhouse by Wolfgang and Heidi, Franziska’s parents.

Prior to that, they had been searching for a property for three years. Because they were working for a very particular vision, it took them a while.

Given Heidi’s love of the outdoors, they require a property that has the capacity for gardening. They also require a large enough lot to accommodate two modest houses because they intend to retire alongside Franziska’s grandparents.

When they went to an East German farmhouse, they discovered what they were looking for.

Initially, the owner intended to rent out the space. However, following some negotiations, Wolfgang and Heidi were able to purchase the entire item.

From the outside, the farmhouse looked beautiful. However, after they view the inside of the house, any novice contractor might bolt.

The family made the decision to do their own renovations in order to save money.

They started by clearing out everything that wouldn’t be residing in the residence. They next concentrated on constructing a kitchen so that Heidi could cook for Wolfgang and the other employees he enlisted for the project.

Quantum Tech HD condensed the whole procedure into a 13-minute video and posted it. From tearing down portions of the farmhouse to adding interior décor, they took care of everything.

The exterior of the house didn’t require any work.

They did, however, remove the majority of the inside and add more modern beams to reinforce it. They then replaced the attic’s insulation and covered everything with drywall.

Installing new plumbing pipe systems and electrical wiring for the lights and outlets proved to be the most difficult tasks.

The outcome is beyond anything you could have imagined!

The living room greets you as soon as you walk in and is flooded with natural light. It also features a small library and an office corner.

They mostly focused on the wood elements and themes that added coziness to the home. The bathroom sink is made of wood as well.

They also made a bedroom out of the attic.

Thanks to the excellent insulation in the neighborhood, heating and cooling are now significantly more energy-efficient. They also constructed a custom toilet system for the attic.

Online users praised the family, Wolfgang in particular. They were astounded that a man of his age could still construct interiors on his own.

They also conveyed their happiness for the family, saying that they must have had a great time creating the house together.

To observe how the house changed with each stage and each section, watch the full film or visit Franziska’s YouTube page.

See how this family renovated an old farmhouse to create a “brand new” home.

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