A 13-year-old builds his own mini-house in his backyard, look inside and be impressed

Building houses is probably not the only item on the minds of most middle school students.

However, 13-year-old Luke Thill of Dubuque, Iowa, is not like any other middle schooler you’ve ever seen.

In the backyard of his parents, this gifted and industrious child has built his very own tiny home.

Luke spent about $1,500 USD on the project, and he is now enjoying his tiny cottage and living the life of his dreams.

Come on in and see what the interior looks like.

It’s safe to say, in my opinion, that Luke is not like most of his contemporaries who are 13 years old. This young man chose to keep himself occupied in a different and more “old-fashioned” way during a time when iPads, cellphones, gadgets, and X-Boxes were commonplace. He says on his YouTube channel that last summer’s boredom led him to decide to build a tiny cottage.

Luke had a decent notion of how he was going to carry out his plan after doing a lot of study.

The Method

The time it took him to acquire the funds and building supplies was around a year. To earn money, Luke performed errands for anyone in the area who needed assistance, mowed lawns, and established an internet fund-raiser.

Luke was buddies with an electrician who helped install the electricity in exchange for Luke, say, clearing out his garage.

Approximately 75% of Luke’s materials were recycled, many of which were items that were left over from his grandmother’s home. The house’s front door was a gift from a friend of the uncle.

Ten feet long and five and a half feet broad, the 89-square-foot home has power but no plumbing, hence it does not yet have a bathroom or running water.

He told The Des Moines Register, “I liked the minimalism.””And I desired a home free of a sizable mortgage.”

Luke has created multiple videos and uploaded them to the internet, in which he discusses his effort in response to the growing interest in the tiny house.

It goes without saying that Luke’s parents also provided some assistance, both materially and monetarily, with the building.

However, Luke’s father Greg made sure that Luke would finance and construct the majority of the project himself.

Greg said to The Des Moines Register, “It was a chance for a kid to do something other than play video games or sports.” “It imparts lessons for life.”

A Dream for Teens

In many ways, the house is an oasis where teenagers can hang out and relax. It has a TV, a microwave, and a bed in the loft.

Even a barbeque and flowers are located in the rear.

Luke frequently completes his homework at his new home after school, and on certain weeknights, he spends the night there as well.

Luke already has plans to build a somewhat larger house for when he goes off to college. Additionally, he wants to encourage people to pursue their dreams:

In one of his films, he states, “I want to show kids it’s possible to build at this age.”

Below, you can clearly see how pleased he is with his project.

Luke’s tale is a fantastic illustration of what a young person can do when they have a well-defined objective, a strong work ethic, and parental support.

This small boy’s house really impresses me, and I wouldn’t mind having one in my backyard!

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