Incredible News: A Tenant Becomes a Homeowner!

Have you ever wanted to buy your own house instead of renting one? For 75-year-old Jane Sayner of St. Albans, Melbourne, her goal has finally come true. She had rented a two-bedroom flat from multimillionaire John Perrett for more than twenty years. Jane had no idea that her life would soon take an unexpected turn.

Following the death of John Perrett in September 2020, Jane did not know what her future contained. She was afraid that she might have to pay more to a new landlord or that her contract would be terminated. But something extraordinary occurred in spite of all the odds. Jane’s apartments were turned over to her and another long-term renter! Is it really true?

Jane Sayner

John Perrett was a kind and giving man who made the decision to leave his properties to the long-term tenants. Particularly at her age, Jane never thought she would own real estate. It was the realization of a fantasy she had never even ventured to imagine.

It turns out that John Perrett was a very exceptional person. Following his kidney transplant, he accumulated a vast fortune. But instead of keeping it all to himself, he made the decision to change things. John gave the Nephrology Department of the Royal Melbourne Hospital an incredible AUD$18.6 million. In addition, he bequeathed to the hospital one of his apartments, which brought in AUD$400,000.

Royal Melbourne Hospital

Jane remembers that day with fondness, when her life changed dramatically. John called her out of the blue to let her know what he had decided. “My solicitor is here. I’m leaving you your unit. Could you please give me your full name?” he said. Jane was astonished. She was not prepared for such a remarkable gesture of generosity.

Jane was deeply relieved to have a place of her own, even though she was heartbroken by the loss of her landlord. She had taken care of the garden and planted lovely flowers throughout the years to express her affection for the flat. Her efforts are still fruitful and a source of happiness in her life.

Jane's Garden

This touching tale demonstrates the strength of kindness and the influence one person can have on another’s life. Jane’s tale serves as a reminder that even in our latter years, we can still get unanticipated blessings. Let’s rejoice in loving and giving deeds like these and spread the happiness to our loved ones.

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