Keith Urban is in need of our prayers.

After being spotted by eager photographers at Sydney Airport last night, there is a greater chance than ever that Keith Urban will make an appearance at the yearly “It’s A Bloke Thing” luncheon held in Toowoomba. The luncheon is held in Toowoomba each year.

The report was verified when Keith Urban touched down at Wellcamp Airport at noon, performed for the approximately 500 people who had paid to attend this really unique event, and took the stage for the yearly Prostate Cancer Awareness/Fundraiser event.

Urban is deeply committed to the fight against prostate cancer and holds a special place in his heart for it. In December 2015, his father Robert lost his battle with the cancer, along with his grandfather and a few other family members. He was unable to heal his father’s ailment.

In only seven short years, the country megastar, who is presently on his Graffiti-U World Tour, has collected millions of dollars for prostate cancer research and awareness. He made time to travel to Australia to take part in the event. In spite of the fact that he is now touring the country with his Graffiti-U World Tour. even though he is now touring all across the United States with his shows.

Thanks to the kind donations of the community, the It’s a Bloke Thing Foundation was able to raise about $1.53 million in 2017, making this event one of the most successful daytime fundraising events in Australia. This is one of the largest lunchtime fundraising campaigns ever.

Because Keith donated his time without charging for it, the lunchtime fundraising event he helped with raised an amazing $2,024,000.00. Keith is deserving of great praise.

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