“Serenity” in portland tiny house community

We went to Simply Home Community in Portland, Oregon, in April 2015 to record a tour of member Tony Diethelm’s tiny house community and a walk-through with Lina Menard. We recently found ourselves back in Portland and made the decision to visit Simply Home Community once more. This time, we took a tour of “Serenity,” Karin Parramore’s little house.


After completing medical school, Karin came to the realization that she would have to incur debt in order to purchase a typical Portland property. She was motivated to construct her own tiny home in order to live debt-free after seeing a news article about Jay Shafer’s tiny house. Karin felt empowered by the deed during construction, and it confirmed her choice.

Serenity Tiny House - 0021

“I can feel completely at ease with myself when I’m at home.”
– On her tiny home, Karin Parramore

Karin gave her modest home the name “serenity,” which has two meanings. Karin, a self-described nerd, dubbed her little haven “Firefly,” after the starship from her favorite television program. Additionally, Karin believes that the definition of “serenity” aligns with her home’s motto, which is the condition of being at ease, content, and unperturbed.

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ASPECTS OF SERNITY TINY HOME: “Pet Peeks” (porthole windows) and a cat door

  • Handmade, do-it-yourself composting toilet
  • Guest futon sleeper downstairs
  • Three roof windows
  • The Envi heater
  • Flooring made of cork
  • Personalized French doors
  • Dwelling in the Community

Karin’s tiny house and two other tiny homes are currently parked in a backyard tiny house community in Portland, Oregon. Taking care of the garden is Karin’s responsibility to the community. They gathered more than enough fruit and vegetables this summer to feed the seven residents of the village!

Serenity Tiny House - 0019

“I have the freedom to be as communal as I like, but I also take occasional breaks.”

It’s about time for Simply Home Community to celebrate their first birthday. We’d like to extend our congratulations to Karin, Tony, Lina, and the other community members for developing a tiny house community model that is sustainable. Click here to get the most recent information and a brand-new video tour of Simply Home Community.

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