People Were Against Their Relations: The Couple With Down’s Syndrome Married And Are Already 25 Years Happy Together!

Adversity is overcome by love in the endearing story of Tommy and Maryanne Pilling, demonstrating the extraordinary power of human connection.

Maryanne was lovingly raised by her mother Linda Martin and her sister Lindi Newman, who also served as her caregiver, when she was born on May 17, 1971. Maryanne was rejected by her father, yet her lively spirit never wavered.


Conversely, Tommy, who was born on March 21, 1958 (World Down Syndrome Day), was raised as an orphan in an Essex care facility following the death of his parents when he was just 12 years old. Tommy didn’t give much thought to how he looked because he didn’t have a strong support network, and life had its own set of difficulties.

In 1990, while they were both employed in the kitchen of a nearby training home for individuals with disabilities, their paths crossed. Tommy, at 32, made friends with Maryanne, then 19. When Maryanne talked about Tommy, her glowing faces showed how much they loved one other.

Their bond was strengthened by their common hobbies, which included a passion for crafts, music, dining out, movies, and cooking.

They accepted their love in spite of social criticism, and after dating for eighteen months, Tommy—a perfect gentleman—asked Maryanne’s mother for permission to pop the question.

The pair became the first in the world and in the UK to marry with Down syndrome on July 15, 1995, at St. Mary the Virgin Church in Essex, where they celebrated their beautiful wedding.

Critics were silenced by Tommy and Maryanne’s amazing love story, which proved that love is resilient and can triumph over all challenges. Their unbreakable relationship and fortitude in the face of hardship inspire others today, creating a lasting impression on the world.

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