МcDonald’s announces biggest change to Big Mac in decades

These are impending changes that also apply to other burgers.


Dinner is what? In actuality, the majority of people dine outside these days, and fast food is our first option when it comes to sating our needs.

After decades in the business, McDonald’s has made a name for itself as one of the greatest and most well-known fast-food businesses worldwide. However, they have announced a change to their well-known Big Mac. The Big Mac’s manufacturing and ingredient cooking processes are said to be the reason for the change, while the remainder of the restaurant’s offerings stay the same.

A few tweaks include changing the way the beef patties brown and adding onions to the top of each burger while it’s grilling to provide even more flavor.

It sounds like this will produce “the most delicious burgers yet.”

The restaurant claims that even though these adjustments may be small, they will increase the product’s juiciness and flavor, which is why it is their best-selling item.

The changes are being made as McDonald’s approaches its 50th anniversary. The United States and Australia have implemented the adjustments thus far. If you adore McDonald’s, make sure to try the upgraded burgers among the first ones when they go on sale in the UK in mid-March.

“As we celebrate McDonald’s 50th anniversary in the UK, we are excited to introduce our enhanced classic beef burgers,” stated Gareth Pearson, Chief Restaurant Officer, McDonald’s UK&I.

We’re always experimenting and refining our menu, and we’ve discovered that a few very little tweaks to the signature burgers significantly alter their flavor.

“Our restaurant teams and how we can help them in providing the best possible customer experience has been a major focus of this change.

“To enable our 177,000 staff members to serve our greatest burgers yet, we’ve not only installed new kitchen technology but also retrained them on these new procedures.”

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What do you think about this? Are you excited to experience the enhanced Big Mac?

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