‘Aunt Jemima’ Brand Faces Backlash Over New Name

PepsiCo chose to drop the “racist” Aunt Jemima moniker from its pancake mix and syrup brand in reaction to the Black Lives Matter demonstrations of the previous year. The Pearl Milling Company is the new name that they have recently disclosed. June 2021 will witness the release of the new package, which is similar to the previous design but does not include the distinctive character image.

The Aunt Jemima moniker was later taken by the St. Joseph, Missouri-based company that was established in 1888 and produced the pancake mix, which is honored by the Pearl Milling Company. Some critics liken the new name to a “gravel mining company,” claiming it is unappealing.

Although there has been opposition to the shift, many think it was long time. Even though Aunt Jemima has worked to change its reputation over the years, the company has a long history of perpetuating racial stereotypes.

Professor James O’Rourke of the Mendoza College of Business at the University of Notre Dame pointed out that the brand’s reputation was largely viewed as derogatory because it was based on a racial stereotype. The modification reflects a more

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