Kelly Ripa, 53, Displays Her Figure as She Rocks Sheer Black Gown, Igniting Reactions from Fans

Recently, Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa attracted attention on the Oscars red carpet. Some people believed their look at the awards ceremony was subpar, while others thought it was excellent. Supporters posted their opinions on social media.


At the recent Oscars, Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos captivated the show with their stunning display of elegance and beauty. In a picture that went viral on Instagram, Ripa showed off her body in a Jason Wu translucent black gown that was perfectly styled by Audrey Slater and exquisitely beaded. In a traditional tuxedo, Consuelos stood erect at her side and radiated elegance. A personal touch was provided by Ripa’s lighthearted caption, “Mom and dad storming the red carpet.”

Kelly Ripa as seen on Jason Wu's Instagram story dated March 10, 2024 | Source:

A wide range of emotions were expressed in response to Ripa’s wardrobe decision, reflecting the varied sentiments of her sizable fan base. Some admirers expressed their gratitude with remarks like “OMG!!! That dress!!!” and “Kelly, your hair, the dress… you look stunning,” emphasizing how well-liked her appearance was.


Some gave insightful criticism or personal remarks, such as the direct “I love you Kelly but not this dress.” However, it was evident that Ripa’s ability to shine through was widely acknowledged by her audience, as evidenced by the compliment, “Kelly, you especially shine through in that beautiful dress.”


Ripa, who is well-known for her dedication to health and fitness, has never hidden how important exercise is to her. “I’m glad for those who don’t have to work out, but I have to work out because of my body type,” the woman said. Her exercise program consists of a combination of running, SoulCycle, and dance-cardio class AKT. She states that these activities are essential for both her physical and emotional well-being. She has even spent more than a decade working with her personal trainer.

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos on the Oscars 2024 red carpet | Source: Getty Images

Beyond the gym, Ripa takes a holistic approach to health, emphasizing diet, which has had a significant impact on her life. She believes that maintaining a high-alkaline diet keeps her pain-free and full of energy. Ripa shows a practical and long-lasting approach to health and fitness by balancing her indulgences—such as wine and coffee—with periods of severe commitment to her diet.


At home, Ripa’s culinary explorations infuse her family’s life with humility and comedy. Her family and friends appreciate the delight and work she puts into her meals, even though she freely admits that she is not a great chef.


The Ripa-Consuelos family has good taste in fashion, which is evident in their daughter Lola Consuelos, whose distinct look gives her parents amusement as well as pride. Even though Ripa and Consuelos are fashion icons in their own right, they jokingly admit that Lola is solely responsible for her sense of style. This often leaves them in awe of her natural elegance and occasionally makes them doubt their own sense of style.

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