Royal expert shares tragic verdict on Kate Middleton – accusing palace of not protecting her

Following the controversy over edited photos, Hilary Fordwich, a royal specialist, lambasted the palace for not doing more to shield Kate Middleton. Fordwich blamed the accident on a lack of experience and underlined the necessity for media-savvy leadership inside the monarchy.



Acknowledging Middleton’s apologies as an act of sincerity, Fordwich recommended the palace to hire elite experts to handle contemporary media issues. Author Tom Bower made similar accusations against the palace, saying it mismanaged the situation and ignored Middleton’s welfare.

He emphasized how crucial it is to help Middleton, particularly while she recovers from surgery. Bower asked the palace to protect Middleton from undue pressure and issued a warning against the release of any more photos. Both experts emphasized the barrage of criticism directed against Middleton and the monarchy’s susceptibility to outside influences.

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