The Reason Some Houses Have Small Shelves Built Into Hallways

It’s possible that your kitchen or hallway has a little built-in shelf if it’s an older house, or really any house constructed in the early to mid-1900s. It’s possible that you didn’t give this much thought or you puzzled why it was there. Indeed, there was a purpose behind its placement!

A phone nook is that small shelf. Before landlines, people communicated using cellphones. That seems like it was so long ago, doesn’t it? Numerous houses were constructed with a single phone niche to accommodate the telephone. A lot of them even had a little shelf or drawer above or below the phone to store phone books or address books. These days, even the idea of an address book seems so archaic!

The majority of people only use cellphones these days, having given up on landlines. However, there are several applications for these phone niches in your house! You could purchase a vintage phone to use or display there, depending on your preference. You might use it to store books or other decorative items. Alternatively, you could simply set up many small potted plants in the niche. There are countless options available to you.

I enjoy the ease of new construction, but I also appreciate the subtle details of character seen in older homes. Our house is really old, but it was built so long ago that the idea of a phone niche was still years away. Is there a phone niche in your house? If so, I’m quite envious!

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