“What Made Them Move To Another House?”: The Reason Why George and Amal Clooney With Their Two Kids Left Their $13M Mansion!

Notoriety power couple George and Amal Clooney have drawn notice lately for their quick move. The pair, well-known for their love of old and scenic homes, said goodbye to their beloved family home in Berkshire, England.



The two-child family Clooneys purchased the Grade II-listed property in September 2014, not long after their lavish wedding on the Venetian Riviera. After more than $25 million in renovations, the 11,000-square-foot, 17th-century estate was turned into a contemporary, luxurious home.


Its highlights include an Astro-Turf tennis court, a carefully designed garden with pine trees, and a 60-foot swimming pool with a covered area and hot tub. The mansion was vulnerable to flooding despite efforts to maintain solitude due to its proximity to the Thames River, which required an additional $60,000 expenditure in flood-proofing measures.

The Clooneys decided to move due to severe flooding problems that were made worse by the bad weather in Britain. Notwithstanding the area’s natural beauty, neighbors attested to the couple’s absence from the house because their back garden was up to four feet under water.

The huge Provence wine vineyard that is the Clooneys’ new home provides relief from England’s inclement weather. The mansion, which features a tennis court, swimming pool, and lush gardens, is a testament to the couple’s lasting love of European living.

Their devotion to the continent is demonstrated by their famous Lake Como Italian estate, which is treasured for both its gorgeous surroundings and its ability to accommodate illustrious visitors.

George Clooney emphasized the villa’s importance and its significant influence on his life, even in the face of allegations that he was selling it.

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