Kelly Clarkson Admits To ‘Not Being Above Spanking’ Her Children If They Disobey Her

The happy mother of River Rose, 8, and Remy, 6, Kelly Clarkson, spoke candidly about her thoughts on spanking as a form of child discipline in a radio interview. The topic of parenting styles has been increasingly controversial in recent times due to their diversity and growth.

Being a well-known figure in the entertainment industry, Clarkson recently received recognition for her work with a star on the prestigious Hollywood Walk of Fame. She hasn’t held back when discussing her choice to add slapping to her repertoire of parenting techniques.

She constantly offered evidence to back up her beliefs, pointing to her upbringing and cultural influences.

Support and skepticism have been generated by Clarkson’s statement that she is “not above spanking” her kids in a culture where parenting ideologies are as varied as they are fervent.


“I don’t mean striking her,” she clarified, clarifying that her goal is to employ physical punishment in a regulated way rather than to harm someone. She went on, “I just mean a little spanking.”

However, there are many who disagree with spanking. A reputable organization for child health, the American Academy of Pediatrics, has categorically stated that spanking is counterproductive and may even be detrimental to a child’s health.

Parents continue to choose the conventional method of punishment, despite the fact that the organization’s stance is supported by extensive research and professional consensus.

Kelly Clarkson’s upbringing in the culturally diverse and diversified state of Texas is the reason behind her support for spanking. “We get spankings because I’m from the South, y’all,” she said, highlighting the regional and cultural impacts on her views.

“My parents spanked me, I did fine in life, and I feel fine about it,” she said candidly about her upbringing. She feels that this tactic helped to develop her well-rounded personality and that it was effective in imparting values and character.

However, when examining and critiquing her parenting style, Clarkson recognizes the challenges of reprimanding her kids in public. “It’s challenging to do that in public because people might think it’s inappropriate,” she clarified.

She is adamant that spanking is a valid form of discipline, even in the face of potential criticism. She said, “I believe in spanking, so you might see me spanking my kid at the zoo.”

A warning component is incorporated into Clarkson’s approach to strike a balance between communication and discipline. “Hello, if you don’t stop right now, I’m going to spank you on your bottom,” I said. She said, “This is ridiculous,” emphasizing the significance of candid communication throughout the procedure.

She says that the frequency of undesirable behavior has decreased as a result of this strategy.

The debate surrounding Kelly Clarkson’s method of child discipline is a reflection of broader conversations around human autonomy and different parenting styles. While some could concur with her, others might advocate for different approaches that emphasize non-physical tactics.

Respecting parental choices while taking into account the development and well-being of their children is essential in a community that values candid communication and experience sharing.

Essentially, Kelly Clarkson’s candid admission of her views on spanking has led to a complex discussion that represents the diversity of contemporary parenting ideologies.

Our views on what makes for good parenting change along with society, and different points of view have a place in this lively dialogue to coexist and add to our collective parenting knowledge.

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