The ‘Mom Of Boys’ Guide To Getting That Gross Smell Out Of Your Bathroom

As one of three boys, I can only image the ordeals my husband’s brothers inflicted on their poor mother as they grew up. You don’t need me to tell you that boys are typically a little messier and wilder than tiny girls if you are a parent of boys. This kind of reasoning also certainly applies to a guys’ bathroom, particularly during potty training.

A little boy’s poop doesn’t always end up in the toilet, as you already know if you’ve potty trained him or are potty training him. And that’s just when this mom’s ingenious trick comes in handy. Three little boys use Priscilla Raquel Lloyd’s restroom, so she took to Facebook to offer her trick for getting rid of the odor. You will want to hear about it if you are a parent of a boy!

According to Priscilla, urine odors can be eliminated from your bathroom floor and the area surrounding the toilet by using traditional cheapo shaving cream. She continued by saying that even though she always disinfects the area by using a cleaner with a bleach base, the stale stench still remains because she is a mother of three sons who are potty training. For this reason, they periodically slap on some shaving cream to get rid of the odor of stale pee.

This trick looks like it’s definitely worth a try if you’re toilet training and scared your restroom won’t smell the same after. I appreciate you sharing, Priscilla!

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