A Handy Solution for Dealing with Earwigs at Home

Although most of us can live without some creepy crawlies, we have all encountered bugs in our houses at some point.If you reside in a rural region, you are undoubtedly accustomed to insects like ants, spiders, flies, and others trying to get inside your house in the summer and beyond. These bug guests don’t disturb some people, but others don’t think they’re very welcome. In my opinion, neither spiders nor sporadic flies worry me when they weave their webs in the corners of the room. Earwigs are one insect, nevertheless, that I don’t like.

Despite their diminutive size, earwigs are not cute at all. Despite their appearance of having a painful bite or sting, they are not harmful. Even though earwigs are harmless, most people don’t want a swarm of them scuttling around their houses. I therefore found a certain trick for handling them to be quite helpful.

A shallow bowl filled with olive oil

Facebook user Alicia Alexander suggests that the best way to catch earwigs is to put a shallow dish outside on your deck or in your backyard filled with half a cup of olive oil. Earwigs are drawn to the delicious scent of olive oil, and once they enter the bowl, they cannot escape. According to Alicia, the bowl managed to gather a sizable number of earwigs in less than a day.

Please review the image below:

A shallow bowl filled with trapped earwigs (after less than 24 hours)

And the same bowl became considerably fuller after 36 hours.

A shallow bowl filled with trapped earwigs (after 36 hours)

Because earwigs are drawn to the sweetness of olive oil, you can efficiently deal with an earwig infestation in your home by using this technique!


Not to scare you, but if you find an extraordinary amount of earwigs in your house, it may be a sign that there are issues with rotting wood. Many insects are drawn to decaying wood, including earwigs, so it’s important to inspect any wooden structures you may have at home.

It’s not alarming, though, if earwigs are looking for warmer circumstances within your home. It’s quite natural, and you won’t likely feel any impact at all from their presence.

Have you heard about this easy method for eliminating earwigs? Tell us in the comments below!

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