Fans spot worrying detail in new photo of Martha Stewart, 82 – and everyone’s saying the same thing

She has received backlash, meanwhile, for a recent social media post that many have referred to as “tone-deaf” that she made while in Greenland.

When the 82-year-old posed for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue in May of this year, she garnered a lot of good attention; but, the same kind of excitement wasn’t sparked by her most recent Instagram post.

On Tuesday, August 29, Stewart shared a photo of herself during a voyage that included a view of Greenland’s east coast. The TV personality and businesswoman is shown in one of several photos, one of which has the caption:


As we approach a magnificent fjord on the east coast of Greenland, Swan Hellenic Cruises’ inaugural Zodiac cruise draws to a close. Indeed, for our cocktails this evening, we were able to grab a tiny bit of iceberg.

Fans were instantly incensed at Stewart for using the “small iceberg” as a symbol for her drink, even though it was most likely not her intention for the post to offend.


Stewart’s mention of a little iceberg in relation to the “ice caps melting” in her comments section quickly drew criticism from many.


The ice caps are melting, Martha, according to one Instagram user. Keep them out of your drink.

“In general, I adore Martha and her excesses because she’s all about gorgeous houses, gardens, and food, but drinking iceberg cocktails while the world burns seems a little tone deaf,” another person commented.

So while the planet heats due to the wealth of a few thousand individuals, millionaires travel to the melting icebergs, scoop them up, and use them to keep their cocktails cold. That line seems like it belongs in a dystopian novel. A third said, “Can’t make this shit up, haha.”

We still need glacier ice for cocktails, despite global warming and the melting of ice caps? Talk about tone def. Been a devotee for years, but recently, I’m out when I can’t afford food because I’ve seen enough caviar,” remarked a fourth individual.

When Stewart bravely posed in provocative swimsuits for Sports Illustrated’s cover in May, she made history. The 81-year-old revealed her previous stringent health routine as well.

Stewart stated, “I didn’t starve myself, but I didn’t eat any bread or pasta for a couple of months,” in an interview with Today.

“It was incredible that I attended Pilates twice a week, and I continue to do so because it is so beneficial.” Either way, I live a clean lifestyle with a balanced diet, consistent exercise, good skincare, and other practices.

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