King Charles Desperate to See Grandchildren Archie and Lilibet

King Charles is apparently arranging a lavish gathering for the Royal Family at Balmoral later this year and is prepared to patch things up with his son, Prince Harry. Even if the Sussexes and the monarchy have tense connections, if everyone can work together, there is still hope for the matter to be resolved. But Charles’ eagerness to reach out is mostly motivated by his desire to spend more time with his grandchildren.


As much as Prince Charles would have wanted, he has not been able to spend as much time with his grandchildren, Lilibet and Archie. Harry has made several trips to the UK, but Meghan and the kids have never gone with him. It makes sense that Charles is becoming worried about his relationship with Archie and Lilibet, considering his health problems and the strained relationship with Harry. According to a royal insider, “He might conclude that life is simply too short.” Balmoral is really the ideal, peaceful location for a get-together. In the event that he extends an invitation, Harry and Meghan ought to accept the visit.

After the well-publicized royal departure of their parents in 2020, Archie and Lilibet have only visited the UK once. There is clear friction between Harry, Meghan, and the other royal family members; complaints were made during their Oprah Winfrey interview and in later documentaries. If Charles offers an invitation to Balmoral, it will be fascinating to watch how the Sussexes respond, given their loss of Frogmore Cottage and security concerns.

The question still stands: Should the Royal Family repair the burned-out bridges? Post your ideas in the comments section. For additional news about the Royal Family, view the story below as a bonus.

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