The Importance of Kindness and Acceptance

I learned early on the importance of respecting people for who they are, despite differences. I think most people can agree that it is a basic moral lesson. Regretfully, there are still those who do not understand the value of basic acceptance and kindness.

A recent horrific event at Disney World brought to light the abhorrent depths of some people’s conduct. A brawl broke out at Belle Vue Lounge, a bar within the Boardwalk Inn, on January 25, leading to the arrest of Brent George, a 61-year-old man. Brent claimed to have been attacked by a nearby family he had been drinking with when police came. He had cuts and bruises on his face.

But more research told a different story. According to the family, a drunken Brent had come up to their table and started making fun of their sister, who has Down syndrome, by mimicking her sporadic grunts. Brent shoved the girl’s mother as she defended her daughter. A family member named Wesley Golberg attempted to step in, but Brent slapped him instead. Wesley and Brent got into a physical fight as a result, which ended when a bystander came to Wesley’s aid and took Brent out of the area.

The police opted to take into account all sides of the argument before taking Brent into custody and accusing him of four first-degree violence crimes. His plea to the charges was not guilty.

The internet was incensed at Brent’s actions as word of the incident proliferated online. Many more showed their support for the family by denouncing the attack on Wesley and the girl’s mother as well as the belittling of someone with a disability. It’s evident that a lot of people thought Brent’s actions were wrong and should have resulted in consequences.


This event should serve as a reminder of how important it is to show compassion and kindness to other people. In addition to being upsetting, making fun of and belittling someone due to their differences can also escalate into violent confrontations. Let’s work to make the world a more caring and welcoming place where everyone is respected.

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