The Tale of Resilience: Carrot, Egg, or Coffee Bean?

It’s normal to turn to our loved ones for comfort when navigating life’s obstacles. We feel more connected and supported on our path when we talk to others about our worries and difficulties. A distressed woman found out one day that her spouse had cheated on her. She went to her sage grandmother for advice and sympathy after feeling devasted and deceived.

The old woman beckoned her granddaughter into the kitchen, noticing her suffering. She pulled out three pots, put water in them, and brought them to a boil. The granddaughter observed curiously as her grandma put some coffee beans, an egg, and a carrot into different pots.

The granddaughter asked her grandmother about the strange experiment since she was confused. With a simple grin, the wise woman advised her to wait and see what happens.

Carrot, egg, coffee beans boiling in pots

The grandma took the carrot out of the pot after a while and asked her granddaughter to explain what had happened to it. The granddaughter said that the carrot had become softer due to the heating water. The sage woman nodded before going on to the following pot.

She then removed the egg and asked about its metamorphosis. The granddaughter retorted that the hot water had solidified the egg. After considering her granddaughter’s observations, the grandma nodded once more.


The wise woman finally looked at the pot of coffee beans. She requested her granddaughter to tell her thoughts about the water that the coffee beans had been submerged in and the coffee beans themselves. The granddaughter retorted that the water had been transformed by the coffee beans, giving it a fresh flavor and scent.

The grandmother thoughtfully asked her granddaughter which of the three things—the carrot, the egg, or the coffee beans—she thought she looked most like.

After giving the topic some thought, the young woman understood the deep lesson her grandmother’s straightforward yet poignant illustration held. She realized that, similar to how boiling water shapes an egg and a carrot, life’s challenges may mold us in various ways.


When faced with hardship, the carrot, which is initially tough and stubborn, softens and becomes malleable. In a similar vein, when faced with hardship, the egg hardens with its protective shell. But the coffee beans, the epitome of tenacity and willpower, have the ability to change their situation and give them courage and optimism.

The granddaughter was very affected by this moving story. It reminded her that she had options when faced with obstacles in life. Adversity might either harden her and rob her of her fragility, like the egg, or it may make her weak and pliable, like the carrot. Alternatively, she may take a cue from the coffee beans and use her inner fortitude and fortitude to change the course of events and reach new heights for herself.

Which one then are you? Which are you, the coffee bean, the egg, or the carrot? Never forget that every obstacle presents a chance for development, transformation, and perseverance. Accept the lesson from this story and strive to be the coffee bean that rises above hardship, motivating others in the process.


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