A Teacher’s Heartwarming Act of Kindness Goes Viral

Beyond the School

Despite being essential members of our community, teachers frequently receive little recognition. Their lives are devoted to instructing, modeling, and guiding the next generation. One such hero is Jonathan Oliver, a physical education teacher at Valdosta, Georgia’s WG Nunn Elementary School, who recently won over many people’s hearts with his kind deed.

A Small Motion That Has a Huge Effect

Kristen Paulk, one of Oliver’s kindergarten students, came up to him during a basketball game asking for assistance. She requested that he restyle her hair into a ponytail. Oliver picked up a basketball, bent over, and immediately set about pulling Kristen’s braids out of her face. He had no idea that Kandice Anderson, a colleague educator, had recorded the touching incident on camera.

Touching Hearts All Around

The moment Anderson uploaded the video to YouTube, it became extremely popular. The video’s title, “When your job goes beyond teaching!” sums it all up.The public expressed their sincere gratitude and support for Oliver. Good Morning America noticed the clip and contacted Oliver to set up an interview.

A Modest Instructor

Oliver said in the interview, “We all do it, so I never expected it to receive so much attention.” “We want the students to have a great time and feel comfortable here. Oliver saw helping Kristen with her ponytail as just another day of providing his kids with the kind of attention they need. We strive to show them love as often as we can.

Beyond Style of Hair

Oliver assisted Kristen with her ponytail even though he isn’t a hair stylist. He made the amusing comment that anything more complicated than a ponytail would mean calling her mother for help. Miyah Cleckley, Kristen’s mother, conveyed her appreciation for Oliver’s gentle disposition. She said, “I always know Kristen is in very good hands with him.” Cleckley, who has one son and five daughters, is grateful for Oliver’s assistance.


We are reminded of the compassion and commitment found in our educational system by educators such as Jonathan Oliver. Even if their good deeds can go unappreciated, their influence is immense.

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