Doctors Pulled 700 Worms Out Of His Body, And It’s All Because He Ate This One Meal

Popular holiday foods include ham and pork. However, if they are not cooked enough, your digestive track may become home to hundreds of worms.

Zhu Zhongfa, a Chinese male, inadvertently consumed the eggs of the deadly parasite Taenia solium when he consumed undercooked pork. His life was completely upended as a result, and he began having seizures and fainting spells for weeks on end. This ultimately caused him to seek medical attention for his enigmatic ailment.

Within a month of Zhongfa eating the undercooked pork, medical professionals knew exactly what was causing his seizures and episodes of fainting. He had a complete tapeworm infestation on his body. These unwanted visitors had taken up residence in his lungs, brain, and other body components. His bloodstream had carried the worm larvae throughout his body.

The doctors asserted that Zhongfa’s undercooked pork consumption on that fatal night is directly linked to the tapeworm infection. Though he didn’t give it much thought at the time, his epilepsy and spells of fainting kept him from going to work. Because of his condition, he was unable to operate the heavy machinery necessary for his employment in building. He was in great pain and his life had been entirely upended by the infection of pork tapeworms.

Zhongfa had seizures for weeks, but he didn’t seek medical attention until his illness became out of control. He was losing consciousness and foaming at the mouth when he was brought to the hospital.

Through Zhongfa’s digestive tract, the larvae entered his body and made their way to his brain and lungs via his bloodstream. These young worms burrowed into his flesh, where they developed cysts. These cysts may lead to illnesses if they degrade. Individuals who suffer from the same condition as Zhongfa frequently describe dementia, migraines, seizures, and blindness. These signs, nevertheless, don’t always show up right away. The worm larvae may not always reach the brain and lungs for years at a time.

These larvae create cysts close to the nervous system or brain, which can lead to the serious infection cysticercosis. Zhongfa developed cysts in his lungs and chest muscles in addition to many space-occupying lesions in his brain brought on by the larvae.

Zhongfa said that he had eaten a dish around a month earlier that he didn’t think was properly prepared. He was eventually compelled to seek medical assistance due to the seizures and fainting episodes.


Zhongfa’s condition worried Dr. Huang Jianrong of Zhenjiang University School of Medicine’s Affiliated Hospital. He thus requested that the patient get MRIs of their chest and brain.

Dr. Huang stated, “He had cysts in his lungs and chest muscles in addition to numerous lesions in his brain.” Depending on the location of the parasites, different patients react to the infection in different ways. While some with lung cysts may cough a lot, in this instance, the patient suffered seizures and eventually lost consciousness.

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