Women spends 5 hours a day in her kitchen – says it’s her job to make husband’s life easier

Over the past century, millions of women have entered the labor. In the modern society, rigid gender norms are out of date. Husbands and wives divide up responsibilities significantly more equally.

Of course, some women, especially those from his generation, are adamant about upholding gender stereotypes and will stop at nothing to do so.

twenty-five Estee Williams and 23-year-old Connor are married. The way Estee portrayed a “tradwife” infuriated some on the internet. She would prefer to be a traditional wife, sometimes referred to as a housewife, and handle all domestic responsibilities. She happily fulfills her gender role as a wife.


When Estee first met her future husband in 2020, she was a student studying meteorology. The Virginia couple immediately fell in love with one other after realizing they had a lot in common. Her spouse is a full-time electrician. Estee also expressed how much she detests it when he comes home and goes to work. She rarely relies on his assistance.

She helps him with more than just cleaning and cooking. That being said, she lets him organize her schedule, so she doesn’t go to the gym alone. and never buys anything without his permission, not even groceries. She also does her makeup and hair in an attempt to get ready for his return.

The couple does not currently have children, but they expect that everything will remain the same because Estee will take care of the family at home when they do. They also want to have greater control over what their children are “consuming academically” by homeschooling them.

Estee was raised in a broken home and saw her mother suffer after her divorce. The 25-year-old doesn’t believe that women can have it all. And despite the fact that some social media users are quick to call her “lazy” for not contributing financially, she enjoys not having to worry about her job or paying her bills.

Estee is free to choose as an adult what she wants to achieve in life. What are your thoughts on her choices? Leave a comment below to let us know.

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