Dad Is Trying To Get Baby To Say “Dada” And Fails

Dad is sitting on the carpet with his darling six-month-old daughter, Lily, in a quaint living room with toys strewn around and baby equipment all over the place. Tom’s character, Dad, is adamant about hearing his young daughter say “Dada” for the first time. He’s been told by friends that their babies said “Dada” at a young age, and he’s now determined to have Lily reach the same milestone.

Tom begins by settling down in front of Lily, who is joyfully tinkering with her multicolored stacking rings while sitting cross-legged. With his sparkling eyes fixed on hers, he urges, “Come on, Lily, say ‘Dada’ for Daddy!” Lily responds with a giggle, obviously enjoying her dad’s attention.

Lily laughs, but Tom doesn’t let that stop him. He tries various strategies, such as calling Lily “Dada” repeatedly in the hopes that she will imitate him. He cries out, “Dada, dada, dada,” and makes funny faces to get Lily to pay attention.

Tom then presents a visual book with animal sounds in it. With a gesture of his hand, he asks Lily, “What does the duck say? “Quack, quack!” Excitementally, Lily claps her hands, but says nothing.

Tom then displays Lily’s beloved plush animal, a cuddly rabbit, to her and waves it. “Lily, look! It’s Bunny!” Could you say “Dada” to Bunny please? Lily doesn’t say anything, even when she reaches for the rabbit.

Tom tries everything throughout the day, including singing nursery rhymes and making goofy noises, but Lily only reacts with sweet coos and babbles. He tries, but “Dada” is still evasive.

Tom perseveres despite being frustrated. He is aware that Lily will eventually begin to speak. He shows Lily so much love and care throughout the day, savoring every second of their quality time together.

When it gets dark and Tom is getting Lily ready for bed, he puts a soft kiss on her forehead and murmurs, “Goodnight, Lily.” Perhaps you’ll say “Dada” tomorrow. Tom smiles, knowing that Lily’s response is a beautiful gurgle and that their special bond is unbreakable.

A touching scene of a father and his priceless daughter, excitedly anticipating their next adventure together, is shown to the viewers as the screen fades to dark.

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