Daughter Rips Wig Off A Girl With Cancer, Father Forces Her To Shave Her Hair As Punishment

Our goal as parents is to give our kids a sense of right and wrong. It can be difficult, and occasionally our efforts fall short of expectations. One such instance involved a father who discovered his daughter had been tormenting a classmate who was afflicted with cancer.

Her father became enraged when she removed the girl’s wig due to the increasing bullying. He selected an unusual punishment that has since generated a great deal of discussion and conflicting views on the internet.

“I have complete custody of my 16-year-old daughter, whose mother moved on with her new family,” the father said, referring to his former spouse. He clarified, “My daughter got into trouble recently for pulling off her wig at school and taunting a student who lost her hair due to cancer treatment.”

“It appears that they have a history of animosity, particularly because my daughter is seeing this girl’s ex-boyfriend,” he disclosed.

When word leaked out that his daughter was being used by her boyfriend, he was caught off guard. He was shocked to learn this, and that was the final straw that caused the unfortunate wig event.


“After finding out about her behavior, I offered her two options as a kind of punishment: either destroy all of her electronics or go to the salon and receive a bald haircut. The father revealed, “She went with the latter option.

Many expressed their worries, arguing that the punishment was excessively severe and that she might become the subject of bullying—a bizarre attempt to promote empathy. “Everyone believes I went too far. He remarked, “Her mother was incensed, thinking that this will only subject her to more bullying.”

There were differing opinions in the public. While some praised the father for trying to teach his daughter a valuable lesson in life by making her suffer the consequences of her behavior, others condemned him of being overly strict and referred to it as “child abuse.”

You must think about the significance of your activities and how they affect other people. One supporter said, “This situation might teach her about empathy and compassion in addition to the direct effects.”

What do you think about the father’s style of discipline then? Overly harsh or justifiable? This fascinating discussion is still going strong as more people voice their thoughts.

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