Dog Surrendered for Barking Too Much Gets a Second Chance at Life

The fact that some people choose to leave their devoted friends behind for the smallest of reasons pains us to the core. Heartless owners have given up on their pets or even attempted to have them put to sleep due to minor health issues or the simple reason that they are “too old.”

In one such tragic instance, the owner of a dog named Marcus decided to put him down because he barked excessively. Thank goodness, a second chance at life has been granted to this lovely canine.

Introducing Marcus, a 2-year-old mix of patterdale terrier and lab, who is currently in the tender care of UK-based NGO Lucie’s Animal Rescue. After barely five weeks, his owner gave him up due to his tendency of barking at people and other dogs.

But it was clear that Marcus’s owner had made no attempt to comprehend or modify his actions. She couldn’t be bothered to give him time or training, so much so that she had even tried to have him put to death at the veterinary clinic.

In a touching Facebook post, Lucie’s Animal Rescue stated, “Dogs communicate and express their fears and excitement through barking.” The owner of Marcus said, “He’s had none,” in response to a question concerning the training she had provided to assist him get over any potential apprehensive behavior.


Because of his tendency of barking, the owner Obstained and decided to go forward with euthanasia despite the behaviorist’s offer of aid. “It’s disgusting,” said Lucie Holmes, the rescue’s founder, expressing her fury and heartbreak. I’ve been so irritated that I haven’t been able to sleep well. Canines emit barks. They just do it that way.

Marcus was thankfully saved from such a terrible outcome and adopted by the caring rescue group. He is a kind and kind dog who hasn’t even barked since he arrived, according to his new guardians. “You are cherished and safe, Marcus. I can assure you that you won’t be treated in such a manner ever again,” the rescuer said.

Happily, Marcus has been mingling and making friends with other canines, according to the rescue group. Marcus no longer barks aggressively; instead, he just barks in a playful way, despite his previous owner’s problems. “I assume he’s been barking at other dogs in an attempt to greet and interact with them. Like all dogs do,” the rescue wrote with sentimentality. “It’s great to see him finally enjoying the company of friends and, most importantly, being a dog! He is very nervous and anxious.”


Marcus has been undergoing training since coming to the rescue, and he has demonstrated outstanding response time and command compliance. He is thriving in the rescue setting and adjusting well, though it is unknown when he will be available for adoption.

According to Lucie, Marcus’s tale should serve as a constant reminder to all dog owners that caring for a pet is a lifetime commitment that takes patience. She counseled, “You have to do your homework and give dogs time to settle.” “You wouldn’t bring a toddler to daycare and expect them to be content right away.”

Marcus’s surrender for no other reason than that he was barking excessively breaks my heart. We are ecstatic that he is now in the capable hands of people who genuinely concern themselves for his welfare, nevertheless.


If you love animals, please tell others about Marcus’s touching tale and contribute to the message of kindness and understanding for our four-legged companions. Let’s show them the affection and attention they merit.

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