Dog was abandoned in the park – now he delights senior citizens in his new home

While it is always tragic to see a dog abandoned, many of these abused animals are fortunate enough to find wonderful new homes where they can live out their lives.

For example, a dog who was left behind in a park earlier this year is now making the most of some rather unique new settings.

The Associated Humane Popcorn Park Shelter in Forked River, New Jersey, adopted Paulie, a pitbull who was four and a half years old, after he was left behind at a nearby park in February.

Paulie’s past was unknown, but based on his ability to walk on a leash, sit on command, and “plop himself down on the first soft bed or blanket that he sees in a room,” it seemed he had lived in a “decent home” at some point.

The shelter commented, “How in the world could this adorable little pudge-pot of a dog get dumped and abandoned in a city park?” “We’ll never know, but fortunately he was rescued before he was in danger.”


He is the “sweetest and most mellow guy,” according to them, who is gregarious and enjoys belly massages.

Paulie found a devoted new home on March 8. “With him, I truly struck it lucky,” the adopter wrote on Facebook. “I’ve owned a number of dogs over the years, but this one is unique. I never thought I would adopt a dog who is so loving, so submissive, and an all-around wonderful dog.”

According to Paulie’s new owner, the dog gets along well with his 16-month-old granddaughter and even goes to work with him, where he does a particular task that makes elderly residents happy!

Pictures of Paulie with his new family and senior citizen buddies show him soaking in the love. In one picture, the placid dog is seen lying close to the feet of an elderly woman, perhaps ready to request a belly rub.

“He makes them grin for the four hours I’m there, when I tell you. The owner remarked, “I’m not sure who loves it more, them or him.

“Whoever advises against getting a pitbull may not be as correct as they seem. Wait till you have one before you judge them.


The shelter expressed their delight at the joyful conclusion, stating that they “couldn’t be happier for Paulie and his new family” and that everything turned out perfectly in the end, despite the tragic circumstances surrounding his abandonment.

“Paulie must have been very sad on the day he was left alone in a city park, but little did he know that was the best day of his life.” Why? It brought him to this,” they penned. “He’s getting even by living the best life he’s ever had!”


We’re overjoyed that Paulie has found such a wonderful new home and is making seniors happy! Please tell this tale!

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