Riona’s Miracle Journey: From Tragedy to Triumph

Seeing the horrific abuse some dogs receive at the hands of people is incredibly upsetting. Riona, a charming pitbull mix, is one such courageous survivor. She had to go through the unthinkable—having her owner set her on fire. However, Riona is finally headed to her new forever home after a year of resiliency and recuperation.

In June of last year, Riona ran down the street in Nutbush, Tennessee, enveloped in flames, shocking the locals. There was no mistaking that this was a purposeful act of cruelty because of the strong gasoline odor that pervaded the space. Riona had been purposefully set on fire, as corroborated by witness statements and ring camera film. This is a horrible reality.

The poor puppy lost its ear and sustained terrible burns. Riona’s left eye was preserved because to the swift emergency response. The loving staff at Tails of Hope Dog Rescue took her in right away, and they made arrangements for Bluff City Veterinary Specialists to treat her. Her substantial fourth-degree burns throughout her body required numerous skin grafts, making the road to recovery difficult and drawn out. Riona fearlessly kept a cheerful attitude during her recuperation process in spite of the trauma she had experienced.

Riona’s tale took the world by storm, winning over millions of hearts in the process. Her situation was made public via a TikTok video that went viral, inspiring an outpouring of compassion and solidarity. Gifts and donations from kindhearted people touched by Riona’s tenacity and resolve came in.

In the midst of this touching reaction, justice started to come into its own. Riona’s fire-starter, 43-year-old Quishon Brown, was taken into custody and accused of assault and felonies including animal abuse. Riona’s story also had a larger effect, leading to Tennessee passing a new law against animal abuse.


Over the course of several months, Riona’s health became better every day. Riona’s story took an amazing turn almost a year after her harrowing ordeal: she had finally found her everlasting home! This was a joyful turn of events!

With much excitement, Tails of Hope said that they will be taking Riona to her new family via a ten-hour road trip. As they discussed the specifics of her devoted everlasting home, excitement erupted. Riona would have a large yard to explore, kids to spoil her, and other furry friends to play with. Riona’s new family can give her the treatment she needs because they understand the depth of her injuries and have experience working in the medical sector.

Riona’s journey is just getting started, even if it looks like it’s heading to an end. Her transformation from sorrow to success is quite remarkable. In a moving Facebook post, Tails of Hope recognized the teamwork that went into this inspiring rescue. The good that would come from one courageous dog’s struggle to survive seemed unimaginable.


Tails of Hope serves as a reminder that their work is never done, even when Riona begins her new chapter. They demonstrated that there is always someone in need by taking in another burn victim right away. Every rescue offers the chance to contribute to yet another amazing tale of healing and hope.

Despite the brutality that plagues Riona’s background, we take comfort in the fact that she is currently moving toward a better future. These kinds of endearing tales are what give us hope for humanity again. Let’s spread the word about this encouraging news, honoring Riona’s tenacity and offering our love and support to her as she embarks on this new journey.

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