Fox News Host Pete Hegseth Leads Prayer on Air

“This is the fifth Sunday of Lent, and we’re continuing our prayer series by reading prayers from the Hallow app,” Hegseth said. “Let’s do it this morning, close your eyes, and bow your head if you would. We all need it.”

Hegseth conducted the on-screen prayer, reading from the Hallow app, while his co-hosts Campos-Duffy and Will Cain bowed their heads reverently. “Jesus, today we begin the holy period of Passion tide,” he prayed. Please, throughout these final two weeks of Lent, enlighten us on the mystery of your submission and sacrifice and intensify our awareness of your love for us. We beg you to reveal yourself to us and enable us to experience the grace of your presence.

Hegseth thanked the Hallow app for collaborating with the show during Lent and closed the prayer by thanking Christ for his sacrificial love demonstrated on the cross. Campos-Duffy added a sincere “Amen” to the discussion.


This kind of public demonstration of religion is not unusual for Fox News anchors. During an earlier episode with Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson, host Kayleigh McEnany shared her conviction that God is guiding the path.

As our speaker, “to everyone out there, pray for him,” co-host Ainsley Earhardt said. “God’s guidance is desperately needed right now for our nation.”

Although everyone acknowledges the right to practice one’s religion, some people appeared to take offense at this on-air prayer. Many others, though, thought it was a good initiative. Viewers were prompted to discuss it; some expressed disbelief, while others were appreciative of the hosts’ openness to pause for prayer.


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