He Puts a Ring from a Tree Trunk on a Record Player. This Is the Most Extraordinary Sound of Nature I Have Ever Heard.

Nature is rich of beauty, both in its visual and auditory aspects. Many of us enjoy listening to the peaceful chirping of crickets on a calm night, the melodious calls of different birds, the croaking of springtime frogs, and the subtle rustle of leaves in the breeze. However, have you ever given the sound of a tree trunk any thought? You may actually hear the sounds of a tree trunk’s rings.

Everyone has heard the mesmerizing sounds of crickets chirping in the dark or the harmonious chorus of birdsong. Perhaps even the sound of springtime frogs croaking or the soft rustle of leaves in the breeze brought us joy. However, have you ever thought about tuning in to a tree trunk? Yes, a tree trunk—you read that right.

In actuality, we are referring to the rings within of trees when we talk about listening to their trunks. Tree trunks are full of rings that hold vital secrets about the life of the tree. These rings show how much water was available to the tree at different times of the year.

However, have you ever observed that these rings have a greater vinyl record-like appearance? Bartholomaus Traubeck, an artist, most likely did. He was intrigued by the concept and invented a unique kind of record player that had the ability to “read” the differences in color and texture between the rings inside a tree trunk. These patterns are converted into musical notes by this amazing apparatus, producing a distinctive kind of tree trunk music.

It’s possible that you’re asking how this is even feasible. With the use of light, Traubeck’s incredible record player interprets the color and texture of a tree’s rings to create music. Although it looks like something from a science fiction film, the technology is actually very simple.


Traubeck only need a basic PlayStation eye camera and a motor to move the record player’s arm. Data from the tree trunk was captured by the camera and subsequently uploaded to a computer. This data was interpreted into a compelling piano piece using a program called Ableton Live, resulting in a composition that is captivating.

You can listen to Traubeck’s record player play the entrancing sounds of nature by watching the video that is attached below. There are no random noises like crackling, which is unexpected. Rather, the sound that surfaced is incredibly lovely and eerie. It may bring to mind the enigmatic and seductive background soundtracks from the silent film period.

The fact that each tree has a distinct song just serves to highlight how amazing this is. Tree rings are unique, much like human fingerprints. We now virtually have an endless library of unique records because to Traubeck’s innovation. It’s a whole new perspective on and appreciation for nature’s magnificent symphony.


Thus, the next time you’re surrounded by trees, stop and pay attention. The remarkable sounds that come from a tree’s simple trunk may surprise you.

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