High School Wrestler Forfeits State Tournament Immediately When He Sees Who Opponent Is


Respect is always well deserved if you uphold your convictions and make a sacrifice in the service of your religion.

Former Colorado high school wrestler Brendan Johnston is well aware of it. According to reports, he apparently forfeited two state tournament matches against girls back in 2018.

By declining to accept the matches, he basically ended his high school career in the sport due to his personal and religious views.

Maybe more than ever these days, the idea of putting adult males and females in physical competition is being debated.

Of course, the majority of people think it’s unjust to pit men and women against one another. The two sexes differ greatly from one another, not the least of which is biological, thus the playing field isn’t even leveled at first.


Either way, the notion of facing Skyview High’s Jaslynn Gallegos in the opening round of a state tournament in 2018 infuriated 18-year-old Brendan Johnson. Brendan, a senior at Colorado Springs’ Classical Academy at the time, also chose not to compete against Valley High’s Angel Rios in his third-round consolation bout.

Christian Brendan stated, “It’s so physical, physically close,” in an interview with KDVR. That’s not really suitable, in my opinion, with a young lady. Additionally, it’s pretty aggressive, and I’m not really comfortable with that.

The speaker went on, “I truly do find the thought of battling with a girl troubling, and part of that does stem from my faith and my belief.

And that does stem in part from the way I was brought up to treat women as well as possibly from other events and things.

“I don’t believe I am viewing them as less equal. Because I do think that men and women are different and that we are designed differently, I am saying that they are women and that is distinct from them being guys.

However, I continue to think that men and women are equally valuable. I don’t believe that the concept of equality is opposed by the premise that men and women are different.


Brendan finished sixth since he didn’t wrestle the two girls, whereas Angel and Jaslynn finished fourth and fifth, respectively.

But Jaslynn was upset that Brendan decided not to play in a possible match. “This whole time that I’ve wrestled, it’s just me trying to prove a point that I am just a wrestler,” she stated at the time in an interview with the Washington Post.


It makes me a little uneasy because my gender is something that still holds me back, but I appreciate his choice. It’s alright.

“My entire point is that I’m just a wrestler; I’m not a girl wrestler. Thus, while it doesn’t exactly hurt my feelings, I do take it personally.

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