Joy Behar Calls Dolly Parton’s Jolene Anti-Feminist And Fans Come Unglued

There doesn’t seem to be a shortage of viewpoints these days, and people are willing to argue almost anything. The View, where the hosts explore some of the most fascinating subjects, is one venue where these discussions frequently take place.

Joy Behar, one of The View’s members, recently sparked a heated discussion by questioning the renowned country song “Jolene” by Dolly Parton, implying that it might have anti-feminist connotations.

Behar even went so far as to declare that Beyoncé’s more current rendition of “Jolene” was better. People’s attention is being drawn to the intense conversation that has been ignited by this comment.

Joy Behar is not afraid to voice her opinions, and she made sure the show’s producer knew that she preferred Beyoncé’s performance of “Jolene.” Behar claims that Dolly Parton’s rendition of the song displays possessiveness and insecurity, especially when Parton is pleading with the mistress not to take her lover.

This notion, according to Behar, is antifeminist because it suggests that women should be worried that their men might cheat on them because they are attracted to other women. She feels that it undercuts women’s empowerment.


However, Beyoncé’s rendition of “Jolene,” known as “Cowboy Carter,” presents an alternative viewpoint. In the song, Beyoncé issues a warning to the other person, telling them to avoid her connection, instead of pleading with them.

Naturally, a lot of people—including country music icon Reba McEntire—had comments about the matter. McEntire just chuckled when asked about Joy Behar’s remark and complimented Beyoncé on her contributions to the country music genre.

Behar praises Beyoncé’s performance of “Jolene” for its strong message, but she still maintains that Dolly Parton’s song is anti-feminist. Behar claims that Beyoncé’s rendition shows a self-assured lady who is prepared to face the difficulties in her relationship head-on.


Fascinatingly, Dolly Parton appears to value Beyoncé’s rendition of the song, which adds another dimension to this continuing discussion.

As long as people are willing to talk about it, this argument will undoubtedly continue. Undoubtedly, Joy Behar evoked powerful feelings, and not everyone finds it amusing.

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