Miss Italy Pageant Holds Ground Against Woke Pressure, Remains “Only Women Since Birth”

Like Miss America, Miss Italy has made the audacious decision to honor tradition by announcing that only biological women would be permitted to vie for the esteemed title. The event’s creator, Patrizia Mirigliani, resolutely declared that Miss Italy will preserve the essence of authentic womanhood in the competition and refuse to jump on the flashy bandwagon of trans activism.

Recent Miss Netherlands pageant events, in which a biological male winner emerged victorious, have provoked intense discussions and outcries of transphobia from numerous quarters. Miss Italy, however, is unwavering in its determination to uphold the competition’s integrity and honor the natural beauty of women who identify as female.

Mirigliani gave a clear response to the issue when she said, “I think it’s a bit ridiculous that beauty contests have been trying to make the news lately.” However, Miss Italy will not sacrifice its morals in the name of political correctness. Participation is restricted to biological women; individuals who do not identify as such are not permitted.

Miss Italy has welcomed applicants with tattoos, piercings, and hair weaves as a way to accommodate changing social norms throughout the years. But the pageant crosses the line when it comes to redefining what it means to be a woman.

“Since its inception, our competition has upheld that participants must be women from birth,” Mirigliani added. This choice is a reflection of our awareness that beauty may change and that we must stick to our essential principles. We will not compromise on what it means to be a woman, but we will celebrate individuality and expression.


Rikkie Valerie Kolle, the transgender winner of the Miss Netherlands contest, talked about her experience and path toward empowerment. Although Miss Italy’s victory demonstrates her personal development, her unwavering choice pays homage to the pageant’s heritage of showcasing female beauty and its history.

Their conviction has not wavered in the face of the controversy regarding Miss Italy’s position. They remain steadfast in the face of opposition and criticism, refusing to yield to contemporary narratives that seek to conflate the distinctions between the biological sexes.

Conservatives everywhere are praising Miss Italy for her choice to honor custom and stress the value of honoring women who have encountered particular difficulties and experiences. Many people view the pageant as a timeless institution, thus it is admirable that Miss Italy is committed to maintaining its historical roots.


Even though the world is changing quickly, Miss Italy is still a steadfast champion of femininity who presents women’s beauty in its purest form. As the tournament go forward, it sends a strong message to aspirant women everywhere, encouraging them to embrace their individuality and inherent beauty instead of letting attempts to redefine womanhood get in the way.

In a culture where limits are being pushed, Miss Italy’s choice shows that customs don’t have to be given up in order to welcome change. They continue to provide an enticing platform where women may shine, inspire, and make a lasting impression by being true to their ideals.

The Miss Italy pageant is an institution that celebrates femininity, honors history, and highlights the strength of being a woman, not merely a competition. Miss Italy remains steadfast and unwavering in its dedication to womanhood and encouraging future generations of women as the journey progresses and new tales are recorded.

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