Never use a mobile phone that is charging. This Is Why!

We all adore our smartphones because they greatly simplify our lives. But there are certain crucial safety guidelines you need to remember. Never use your phone while it is charging is an important piece of advice. It can also be extremely dangerous to cover your gadget with your body, clothes, or mattress while it’s charging.

This is due of the potential for your phone to catch fire.

For instance, a young Indian boy’s phone burst, causing severe injuries to his hand in an unfortunate occurrence. The explosion is thought to have been brought on by elevated radiation as a result of a low battery.

A common misconception is that when a phone’s battery is low, it releases more radiation. However, the weak signal—rather than the low battery—is the true problem.

This implies that your phone works harder and emits more radiation when the signal is weak. As a result, it’s advisable to stay away from using your smartphone in locations with low service, such as elevators and isolated regions.


The small child in this instance was utilizing an unlicensed, unofficial Chinese charger.

When using these fake charges, you run the risk of explosions and even harm.

Because of these concerns, even well-known firms like Samsung recommend against using unlicensed phone chargers.


Thus keep in mind that low batteries do not cause phone explosions. When charging your phone, stay safe by using only chargers that have been approved by the authorities and stay away from locations with spotty reception.

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