Peach Cobbler

I have this recipe for Peach Cobbler from a wonderful Southern lady that I know. She has all the qualities you could imagine of a Southern belle: a big heart, an even greater laugh, an unquenchable love of life, and delectable food.

You’ll love how this recipe maximizes the peach flavor by making the syrup with genuine peach juices!

Cobbler with Peaches

A traditional American dish that satisfies all comfort food cravings is fruit cobbler. very in the Deep South, peach cobbler is very significant to many people.

Peach cobblers come in two primary varieties: one with a batter topping and another with a topping akin to an Aussie scone or American biscuit.

For my part, I like the second option more. It has a crumbly outside and a fluffy center, and the whole thing smells deliciously like cinnamon. The soft, luscious peaches underneath, floating in a not-too-sweet peach syrup, are the ideal complement to the topping!

What You Need to Make the Filling for Peach Cobblers

Let’s start by discussing the peach filling’s ingredients (hint: huge, luscious, ripe PEACHES are involved!):

They also work well if you want to use canned peaches (because sometimes you simply can’t wait for summer!). To adapt the recipe for canned peaches, simply refer to the recipe notes.

Components of the Topping for Peach Cobbler

Here are the ingredients you’ll need to make the peach cobbler’s top layer:

Recipe for Peach Cobbler

Using the peach juices to make the dish’s syrup is one unique feature of this peach cobbler. Although there are faster and easier recipes that omit this step, I promise the flavor is worth it!

It’s time to begin making the topping once the peaches are placed in the oven!

Place and Assemble

This Peach Cobbler’s topping is prepared similarly to that of Australian scones or American biscuits. This is because, at its core, it is the same thing!

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