Teens Kicked Out of School for ‘Blackface’ Photo Receive $1 Million After Proving it Was Acne Mask

After demonstrating that the “Blackface” photo was an acne mask, teens who were expelled for it were awarded $1 million.

A miscommunication at Mountain View, California’s Saint Francis High School resulted in the expulsion of a few pupils in 2017. Since the school thought these children had worn blackface, there were severe repercussions right away. It was eventually discovered, though, that the pupils were only using an acne treatment mask. The kids have received a $1 million compensation as a result of this realization, which has caused a significant turn in the events.

Trouble Resulted from Blackface

A picture of three 14-year-old boys from the school went viral online and sparked uproar, which sparked the start of the trouble. The boys were charged with making fun of a terrible period in American history. It was quickly ascertained, although, that this was a misunderstanding. The boys were only helping a friend who was using a skincare mask to treat his acne.

Highlighted was Saint Francis High School, which is renowned for its rigorous academic standards and dedication to student growth. Although the contentious image was uploaded in 2017, it wasn’t until 2020—during a time of increased sensitivity to racial issues—that it came to light.

Gaining Notoriety During Debate

In 2020, the year of the COVID-19 epidemic and major social turmoil, the photo went viral. Since it seemed to depict the students in blackface, they were expelled right away. The boys encountered strong criticism from their community; their identities have been withheld for their security.

The lads said that the reason for their faces’ dark color was an acne mask that begins green and becomes darker as it dries. The miscommunication caused by the photo’s brightness further led to the boys being falsely accused by school officials.


Blackface Myths

After reviewing the case this week, the Santa Clara County Court concluded that the boys had been unfairly charged. The lads were expelled without having received the requisite due process, the court found. This means that every student will get $500,000 in addition to their $70,000 tuition being paid back. “This case is significant not only for our clients but for its groundbreaking effect on all private high schools in California,” said Krista Baughman, one of the teen’s attorneys. The unfairness of Saint Francis High School’s practices was duly confirmed by the jury.

The lads initially accused the school of defamation and breaching their right to free speech, and they launched a lawsuit seeking $20 million. Even though they didn’t get the entire sum, their families and legal team view the settlement as a win.

Saint Francis High School has stated that it disagrees with the court’s ruling and is thinking about all of its legal options, including filing an appeal. “We want to sincerely thank the jury and the court system for helping our boys and our families find justice and clear their names,” said a statement from one of the boys’ families.


Amazing Skincare

The mislabeled mask was actually a part of an Origins skincare collection. Origins, a well-known brand in skincare thanks to its natural approach, has been around since the 1980s and offers a variety of products that address everything from oil control to face brightening. Due to its dedication to using only plant-based components, the brand is well-known all over the world.

Given the racial tensions that exist in the nation today, it is not shocking that a picture that seems to depict blackface would be misinterpreted. Dark-colored substances like charcoal have gained popularity in cosmetic goods like acne masks and toothpaste that whitens teeth. Particularly in the beauty sector, these goods are here to stay.

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