Why Barbara Streisand and Whoopi may leave America?!

Famous singer and actor Barbra Streisand has stated again that she will leave the country if a particular political candidate wins the president. Streisand, who strongly supported Hillary Clinton in 2016, voiced her displeasure with the current administration and her hesitation to stay in the nation under such leadership in a recent interview with Stephen Colbert on “The Late Show.”

Colbert questioned Streisand about possible places to relocate should she want to leave the country throughout the conversation. In a nonchalant tone, Streisand said, “Probably England, I like England.” She had previously expressed her desire to go to Canada or another nation in the event that the same candidate was elected president in 2016. So, this emotion is not wholly new.

Like many other celebrities, Streisand decided to remain in the United States after the 2016 election, despite her prior promise to leave the nation if the candidate won. After the election results, Cher, Bryan Cranston, and Amy Schumer—among other well-known people—made similar vows but chose to stay in the nation.

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