After all the heartbreak, Jason Momoa found new love, and you’ll surely recognize her

About two years following his formal divorce from his ex-wife Lisa Bonet, Jason Momoa revealed his new relationship to the public. On Tuesday, May 21, he and actress Adria Arjona were seen cuddling on the PDA. They had declared their romance official on Instagram two days earlier.

When Momoa told fans he had been dating for a while during his appearance at the Basingstoke Comic Con in England in early May of this year, many began to speculate that the two were dating. “I’m in a relationship rather seriously. He said to the assembly, “I’ve been in a relationship for a time. “I’m really enjoying [my] privacy because everyone gives a fuck these days, whereas nobody did back in the day.”

The Aquaman star shared a number of pictures with Arjona recently, including some from their vacation to Japan. One of the photos shows the two on a beach, grinning. He tenderly referred to Arjona as “mi amor” in the post.

“You are a dream come true, Japan—you completely amazed me. We are very appreciative of everyone who opened their houses, allowing us to create memories with both old and new friends and go on yet another incredible journey with our beloved. Motorcycles and chaos on the road. All of my love, J,” the performer wrote.

Arjona herself has a Hollywod background. She has a number of noteworthy appearances, including those in Life of the Party, Pacific Rim Uprising, and a regular character in True Detective. Her breakout role was that of Dorothy Gale in the Emerald City adaption of the Oz book.Despite the fact that the show was canceled after just one season, she has since landed many important parts.


Her most well-known roles are those of Morbius, Andor, Father of the Bride, and Good Omens.She also makes an appearance in the recently released comedy-action Netflix film Hit Man, which stars Glen Powell and was directed by Richard Linklater.

Momoa’s stepdaughter from his marriage to Bonet, Zoë Kravitz, directed Blink Twice, one of her most recent ventures.

Edgardo Canales, a lawyer, was Arjona’s husband. They had a private relationship, and no information about their breakup has been made public.

Momoa dated Eiza González for a few months in 2022 prior to Arjona.

The new pair appeared in the 2021 Netflix original series Sweet Girl together.

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